A Way Towards Perfection With Smart Film Application In Building

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Whether it is your office or home, perfection is always important. The slightly classy touch can lift the beauty of your home or office. A house with a perfectly designed interior can make you feel good and fresh and the same with the offices. There are multiple ways you can apply to make your home look classy. The most preferred and liked way is including glasses with interactive display into the interior design. The glasses can be the best way to design your office professionally. The glasses that are used in the buildings are the smart glasses formed using the smart film application in building.


Smart film Technology:

Smart film is an application technology used to transform the glasses into the opaque or transparent form according to the switch control of light under various voltages. It is 0.7 mm thick and can be fitted on the surface of the glasses. You can use this technology by installing it. It does not require any changes in the previous design of the building.

It is the best approach to maintain privacy and transparency using the same glass. It uses the PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) technology to manage this switch control and glasses’ effect. When the light is on, it makes glass transparent, and it is opaque in other cases. The ambient light has heat-resistance characteristics. Even if it is in the opaque state, the ambient light makes the room feel warm on cold days.

Similarly, it makes the room feel cool in the days of summer. It is an environment-friendly application and also helps to reduce the energy needed. Because of this product’s continuous improvement, the new one offers more features like infrared blocking, UV, adjustment of lights, security, etc.

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Advantages of using Smart film:

Smart film technology offers various advantages that explain why to use it. Those include the following.

  • Privacy: Privacy in businesses is an essential constraint for every person in the business. To maintain privacy, you can use this technology. Smart film application provides total privacy on the switch control not only for your businesses but also for your houses too.
  • Versatile feature: You can use any glass under this technology following the thickness measures. It is also versatile and can be fitted at any place with any design. It does not require modifications in the existing design of the building.
  • Switchable glass: As stated above, you can use the same glass with two interchanging attributes. Thus, you get both kinds of glass states in only one glass as per your requirements.
  • Style: Style has been the primary feature of the smart film application. Glasses are always classy to use in the buildings. Smart glasses then are the superior type of glass that provides a pretty and smart look when used in the rooms.


Easy to install feature of smart film

The smart film application is easier to install. You do not need to make any changes to the existing design plans. Contact AV Discovery for more information.